Primacy Effect Research Paper

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Relationships are are very interesting thing, especially in teenagers and young adults. They can have different meanings and be carried out in different ways by every single person. In this paper, we will first talk about Facebook and how it impacts relationships today. We will also talk about the primacy effect and how first impressions are critical to any relationship. Relationships are different for everyone and they always have been and always will be an important part of our lives. The article “The Psychology of Oversharing Facebook Couples”, talked about how Facebook knows quite a bit about its users romantic lives and relationships. It talks about how introverts and extroverts carry themselves differently with their relationships on Facebook and in the real world. It also talks about relationship-contingent self-esteem, or RCSE, and how that relates to how we act in our relationships. The researches discovered that people who are confident in heir romantic relationship, rather than people who are not confident, are more likely to use Facebook to show their friends and family how happy they are in that relationship.…show more content…
The primacy effect states that first impressions influence interpretations of subsequent information, or items at the beginning of something are more likely to be remembered that items in the middle. This relates to relationships by first impressions. This influences how couples present their relationships on Facebook simply because of their own personal first impression experiences. If an individual gets a bad first impression of someone from Facebook, chances are that the relationship wont work out, or that person won’t forget that one thing if the relationship continues. If a couple has a bad first impression experience, chances are that they are going to share that on Facebook like they might share every other part of there lives on Facebook. (Dixit,

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