Essay On Social Media And Self Esteem

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Weaver 3 Social media has been a major part of our society for many years and for many years to come. These days, however, the impossible standards are set much closer to home, not by celebrities and models but by classmates and friends. With social media, teens can curate their lives, and the resulting feeds read like highlight reels, showing only the best and most enviable moments while concealing efforts, struggles, and the merely ordinary aspects of day-to-day life. And there’s evidence that those images are causing distress for many kids (Jacobson). Social media has many effects on a teenager’s self-esteem. The affects can be good or they can be bad. Social media can cause: anxiety, insincerity, and a poor body image. Before we start…show more content…
Insincerity is not feeling, believing, or meaning something although you pretend to (Press, Cambridge Dictionary). It is easy for a person to portray a completely different version of themselves on social media. A person will post pictures that are outside their character just to seek approval (Social Media Affects Self-Esteem). Social media leads to an increase of poor body image. What exactly is a teenager’s view of the “perfect body”? Simply, a thinner and thinner body is the “perfect body” in most teenager’s eyes. People, specifically girls who have low self-esteem can sometimes suffer through depression, bulimia, anorexia, or self-harm. Weaver 4 How can we prevent low self-esteem? There are many ways to prevent it, not only that oneself can take, but the people around them can do. The best way to prevent low self-esteem is to simply turn social media completely off. Another great way to prevent low self-esteem is to take part in activities that interest you, especially ones that involves interactions with fellow peers. Taking part in sports or music are fantastic activities to do besides social media. When you learn to feel good about what you do, you’re happier and your self-esteem is

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