And Kamal Pest Control Case Study

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3.1 THE PROCESS OF OPERATION MANAGEMENT The systems in operation management of Kamal & Kamal Pest Control have two sections. The first section is core system which means this section have marketing department, Operation department, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department, purchasing department and Human Resources (HR) department. The second section is the supporting system which the system to support the core. The function of system is all department need to play their roles. If one department does not do the role, the system will problem and can cause to the company. The flow of the process operation management in Kamal & Kamal Pest Control is use the systematic way and follows the procedures. There are many department involved…show more content…
In the form, they need to give some details how much the chemical used, when use it and so on. In operation department, they have two team. In this week team A will do this job like do pest control of cockroaches. Then, for next week, team B will do the same job. This is calling Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). The systems of work will same as the order of customers. After the operation department does their job, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) department need to identify the satisfaction of the customers about the service and how the operation department do their work at the place of the customers. They also will record the complaints and compliment of the customer to the revision and fix their service. With this method, their service can improve and advance with faster and better. Last process of operation management is finance department will involve. In the finance department, they need to do invoice for the customers. Then, the customers will do the payment of the services. After that, the finance department will record for purpose of documentation. The purpose of documentation is to establish protection from discrimination and to determine the accommodations to which the individual may be entitled. All documentation will review with the Coordinator on an individual case-by-case…show more content…
Just think about life of people or person. They go through infancy, childhood, adulthood and old age, so too do product or services. And just as we swing from being needy, to being overall contributors to our families or to society, and then back to being needy again over the course of our lives, so in effect-do product/service. The four phases usually used to describe a product/service life cycle are introduction, growth, maturity and decline. For Introductory phase in Kamal & Kamal Pest Control, the cost of promoting the service may be larger than the revenue it brings in. However, for successful services that are marketed effectively, the services will become increasingly profitable during the Growth and Maturity phases. During the introduction phase, there will most-likely be heavy promotional and advertising activity designed to raise awareness of the new service and to seek sales amongst early adopters. Depending on the nature of the service, it will either have a premium price so that its development costs can recoup quickly or be priced low to encourage widespread adoption- what marketers call “market

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