Effects Of Procrastination In College

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Is procrastination a bad thing during high school and college? Is procrastinating from high school and college students getting out of hand? Many parents are wondering why their children are waiting last minute to get all the schoolwork done on time. Students often procrastinate because they do not understand how a project or paper can be so important and effective in their lives. Many students put it off because they usually do not understand the material or they just do not know how to get the project started. Students that have problems with procrastination are cause from perfectionism, low self-esteem, and many other problems. More students have less confidence in themselves than other students have. Students can suffer from major…show more content…
I work better under pressure,my ideas are just better” (Morford, 2014). Multiple students have said that procrastinating makes them more focused right before it is due other than spending weeks upon weeks working on one project. Believing that procrastination is the easy way out is more than likely going to make their grades suffer more than they were before. Telling someone to stop procrastinating on everything they are suppose to be doing is like telling someone that suffers from depression to stop being depressed. Studies say that people are a lot more happy and successful when they are on a delaying schedule. “Frank Partnoy, author of Wait, believes we’d all be better off if we embraced procrastination.” (Vozza, 2014). Procrastinators have a better percent of getting something done if they are structured procrastinators. Many procrastinators have been able to make better decisions when they are under- pressure to which they can gather information quickly about the decision. There is a much more positive side of procrastinating than most people think it is. People have always known procrastinating in being such a bad thing to do during school. During procrastination, it makes you get more things done, so the to- do list can get cleared faster. The last point on procrastination being good is that it shows what is more important to individuals. Many questions can be asked and answered by oneself, such as “ Why am I doing this project in the first place?” Many people find purpose and become passionate to get over what they are procrastinating
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