Waste Time In Social Media

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An average man wastes somewhere between two to three hours checking different social media applications per day. People today do not track their time spent on social media but some realise that they are wasting precious time on different social media platforms. People mostly do not check their news feed for any particular purpose but rather to see what is going on in the world and in their friends’ worlds. Many go onto their respective social media platforms in order to fulfil our subconscious drive to connect to others. By wasting the hours, we do on social media it stops us from doing the “incredible” work which everyone is capable of doing everyday which would not only enrich our own lives but also the lives of the people around us. [1]…show more content…
21percent of people who admit to wasting time at work say they spend five hours a week on personal activities. The worst offenders are the 3 percent who say they spend 10 hours a week wasting time on non-work activities. A main reason for the amount of slacking in the workplace is that people really do not like our jobs all that much. From people who waste time at work, 35 percent say it’s because they are not challenged by the work they are doing, and 32 percent say they waste time because their company does not give them any incentive to work any harder. Overall job dissatisfaction was cited by 30 percent of respondents, and 23 percent say they are just bored. [4]The main reason this survey was done was in order to find a reason for why so many people are slacking in their respective…show more content…
Musa Adams (University of Ghana, Legon), (2015) conducted a combined study in Ghana ,looking at social media network usage versus academic performance in senior high schools. The researchers also wanted to find out from the studentents if the use of social media networks affected the time they used to study. Out of the 526 valid responses ,70 percent blamed social network participation affecting the time they used to study (i.e. procrastination using social media). These statistics include 27.5 percent from St. Johns SHS, 25.4 percent from Action SHS, 45.9 percent from Ideal College and 22.7 percent from Tema SHS. Also, 156 (29.7%) made up of 60 (38.5%) from St. Johns SHS, 55 (35.3%) from Tema SHS, 22 (14.1%) from Action SHS and 19 (12.2%) from Ideal College. This shows that social media network participation had affected their time they used to study.

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