Essay On Time Management

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Time is one of the most important things in our life. Time is also a gold without many people realize it and some people wasted their time with doing something are not beneficial. Time without management is like a football team plays without strategies. Hence, time management is simply way to modulate or schedule ours time. It is an important master skill because it can help the students handle numerous responsibilities in life, school, work, family and especially as a students college. If this skill is correctly learn and applied, it can actually save the student time. Furthermore, time management is a key of success for each people to win on their life. The research showed that “Time management is a set of principle, practices, skills, tools and systems working together to help you get more value out of your time with aim of improving the quality of your life” (Ganguly,A.,2010). So that, it’s…show more content…
Organization is the most important things that student must do. It’s can manage and control whole student’s life. If students follow that points, it’s not impossible for that students become a brilliant and productivity people in the world. It’s also can be effect your pointer (CGPA). Besides that, there are more key to get success in life, it’s respect your parents. The research showed that “the key to effective time management is literally being your own boss. Instead of being accountable to teachers and parents, now you need to be accountable to you! One of the biggest stumbling blocks to time management is procrastination. However, the easiest way to avoid procrastination is to start by memorizing ten little two-letter words, If it is to be, it is up to me.” ( Time management. , n.d
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