Falling Egg Experiment

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Purpose This lab was designed to determine what measure can be taken to protect a falling egg. Momentum and Newton's third law were used to create the best design for the fallen egg. Background This lab uses the components of momentum and Newton's third law. Momentum equals mass times velocity, this was an important measurement to take into account during the egg drop because it determines the amount of force that the object will have when it hits the ground. The less momentum it has the better of a chance the egg has at surviving. Newton third law states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Newton's third law states that the amount the egg pushes on the ground, the ground will push on the egg. Therefore if there…show more content…
Rubber bands were pushed through the side of the noodle equal distance around and knotted on the inside. The rubber bands were then pulled through the box and knotted on the outside so the noodle was suspended i the inside of the box. Tape was used to secure the rubber bands on the outside of the box . it was also used to close of the bottom and top of the noodle after the egg was placed inside. When the egg was securely in the noodle the entire contracted was weighed and recorded. When all the ,measurements were done the container was held at 2 meters and dropped. The egg was mostly examined to ensure if it broke. Data Table 1 Object Distance Time Initial Velocity Final Velocity Average…show more content…
The hardest limitation my team noticed was not being able to secure the egg into the contraption, we had to basically make a box to place the egg into it. The rubber bands allowed for a safe landing but the egg was not securely placed into the noodle, which is discussed further below. The idea that I thought of with rubber bands did allow more time for the egg to drop and safely brought the egg to the ground until it fell out due to a minimal design error. To carry two large eggs I would have made the noodle larger and added a cushion in between the two as the were stacking in the

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