Procrastination Among Students

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Francces Nona G. Atasan English 27 – D Andre Dominic Procrastination among Students can result to Low Academic Achievement Procrastination Procrastination is delaying the work that should be done on a particular day. The study of it focuses on the composition of task delay behaviors. (Effert & Ferrari, 2016). In procrastination, one is slow about doing something that needs to be done and would most likely do other insignificant tasks. The current study shows the relationship between procrastination and a student’s academic achievement. There are certain factors of procrastination that may or may not bring harm on a student’s academic performance. In this study, the negative effects are given more focus and one of the major results is the student’s…show more content…
They tend to miss deadlines for assignments and quizzes; they tend to get used to taking delayed examinations and usually get unsatisfactory grades (Gonzalez, 2014). Students who experience these are more likely to be called “lazy”. Laziness is the obvious indicator of procrastination but other people do not realize that there are more factors to consider other than mere idleness. One of the many effects of procrastination is cognitive failure. According to Saele (2016), Students who procrastinate tend to lack conscious intellectual awareness about their preparation for a test or any academic requirement. Clearly, it has an effect to a student’s way of thinking which may cause him to fail in certain subjects. According to Berkowitz & Bier (2011), students can focus more on their academic goals when they feel safe, engaged and respected. But, in the presence of procrastination, academic goals are not entirely…show more content…
The emotions of a person are majorly accommodated by the limbic system and it is one of the significant factors in the formation of memories. The limbic system functions by the impact of the endocrine system and the autonomic nervous system. The endocrine system secretes hormones to regulate and maintain the functions of the body. The hormones secreted by the system controls the behavioral processes of the person. The limbic system is also closely connected to the prefrontal cortex. According to Wikipedia, some scientists state that this connection is related to the feeling of delight or enjoyment when one is able to solve problems. The prefrontal cortex has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, expression of character and personality, decision making and social behavior. One of the most common psychological terms for the function of this region of the brain is executive function. It is a set of conscious mental processes including reasoning, problem solving and planning. These are certain for behavior’s cognitive control. In procrastination, the emotions are dominant. The proper actions to be done are not met since cognitive thinking is impaired by

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