Disadvantages And Effect Of Personal Computer On College Students

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Prynns Negre English 27A Andre Dominic Effects of Owning a Personal Computer on the Study Habits of Xavier University- College Students The Personal Computer Personal Computers are undeniably the greatest development since the first electronic computers. They are important not for their individual use, but for long- term educational effects. Nowadays, one of the fast moving lives is the computers. (Caleb, 2012) As the researcher and College Student who benefits in this technology, this study was specifically intended to discover how owning personal computer affect the College Students particularly the College Students of Xavier University in the Academic Year 2016-2017 in relation to their studying habits; to highlight the implication of having personal computer in studying and to emphasize the advantages and disadvantages that acquiring personal computer might bring. Mass media has a big impact in our personality. (Agee, Ault, Emery, 1996) Having this technology it gives plenty of chances for students to make up or to enhance their own understanding and learnings. (D. MidianKurtland and Laura Kurtland, 1987) The personal computer let the students to finish their projects/assignments whenever they are free. Because the labs are not always open 24 hours. (Allan Kirk,n.d) The Two Types of Personal Computer…show more content…
Most modern desktop computers have separate screens and keyboards. Home Theater PC- A convergence device that combines the functions of a personal computer and a digital video recorder. It is connected to a television or a television-sized computer display and is often used as a digital photo, music, video player, TV receiver and digital video

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