The Negative Effects Of Lack Of Sleep

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Introduction Adequate sleep has an important role in the academic performance. Sleep has been a part of one’s everyday life. But currently, the ability to sleep may be intruded by the things that cause stress or maybe one exchange sleep with work or play time (Breus, n.d.). It can affect one’s way of living and how one interacts with things or people (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, n.d.). To be able to function properly, teens or young adults need about eight to ten hours of sleep (National Sleep Foundation, n.d.). The sleep has been helping the brain to develop as the body rests. Also, according to Dimitriou (2016), compared to adults, sleep through adolescence can be vital for it is the time when the brain is continually changing,…show more content…
There may be many topics that have a positive and negative effect on the person or thing, but in the case of lack of sleep, it only has a negative effect. It is because sleep has been important for one to regain one’s energy. If one would lessen one’s estimated hours of sleep, one would eventually experience the negative effects that lack of sleep brings. Sleep is the only way for one to be able to rest their body, especially the nervous system. Negative Effects of Lack of Sleep on Academic…show more content…
Sleep plays an important role in one’s life. There are many studies that support to the importance of adequate sleep to one’s health. One is according to WhyDoes (2009), it states that sleep is important to the body to help protect from illness because sleep can make the immune system work properly. Other study states that sleep is essential to life, it is as important as the air, water, and food taken every day (National Sleep Foundation, n.d.). And also, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (n.d.) states that having sufficient sleep, especially at the proper time, can lessen the possibility one is unhealthy and as well as states that the growth and development of teens and children can also work through the help of sleeping. Lack of sleep will have a negative effect on one’s physical, emotional and mental health. Sleep is important to our physical health because it helps the body to fight from illness and it leads the different system in one’s body to work properly in accordance with their functions. According to WhyDoes (2009), illness will likely occur because of the weak immune system due to inadequate sleep and also states that the digestive system will not function well if one lacks sleep. In addition, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (n.d.) states that getting heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure,

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