The Illustrious Analysis

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When choosing a college, Spelman was at the top of my list. Having a customizable education to fit my needs was key. Regarded as “The Illustrious”, I now understand why Spelman is a highly respected school: the benefits are endless, from higher graduation rates, the famous alumnae, and most importantly the liberal arts education. At first, I did not know the importance of a liberal arts education, but when attending the convocation, Dr. Myra Burnett opened my eyes to exactly what is a liberal arts education and its deeper meaning. The following quote was stated: “A liberal arts education is most pronounced, and most prominently realized, at small residential liberal arts colleges. Such colleges offer a broad general curriculum as well as majors…show more content…
Spelman the cultivator of developing black pride amongst the students. It begins with history, to know the past is to know the future. Knowing who I am as a black woman in society will allow me to understand that my circumstances will be different from everyone else’s. Black women have to work twice even triple times as hard as their white counterparts because of injustice, but we have to be resilient in effort to prosper. The entertainment law industry is highly competitive and if I did not know who I was as a person, someone else would do it for me. To fully know yourself is empowering. Confidence exudes when you enter the room. When you speak you grab your audience’s undivided attention. It is a goal of mine to be a black entertainment lawyer that opens the doors for other black women like myself. In a world where black people are seen as crabs in a bucket, trying to push each other down, I want to be that helping hand. Here at Spelman, your fellow classmates are not your competition, but they are your sisters, a helping hand a friend. There is already enough black women today fighting each other to make it to the top because of the lack of opportunity for black women to be

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