Social Media Addiction

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It can be concluded that Social networking among adolescents is not just a fad; it is part of their culture. While social networking can expose teens to danger, they are exposed to the same dangers in real life as well. A parent or teacher cannot expect a teen to abandon the internet and be able to thrive in modern society as computers, technology, the internet, and social networking is utilized in all aspects of modern life, even in the workplace. This is why social networking should not only be included as a valuable tool to enhance the classroom but should also be utilized as an opportunity to teach students the skills that ensure safe and enriching use of social media (Waddington, 2011) which is one of the objectives of the present study.…show more content…
Since this social media habit may promote addiction to it, the researches of the present study find it important to investigate the effects of social media addiction to the students. Benefits of Social Media The use of technology such as internet is one of the most important factors that can influence educational performance of students positively or adversely. Shah et al. (2001 as cited in Mehmood & Taswir, 2013) proposed that student users are affected by the internet and this impact is determined by the type of internet usage. They are positively affected by the informative use of internet while having drastic impact of recreational use of internet on them. According to Armstrong (2010 as cited in Orellana, 2013), there are students who depend so much in the information that is available in the social media platforms to get answers as well as a form of recreation through playing on-line games. Even high school students regard social websites to provide them with data for theses, journals, and…show more content…
Commenting, sharing, posting, etc. can be fun. There are a lot of articles online that can be linked and shared. Posting students’ projects and other activities online can also boost the confidence of students. Letting them know that a lot of people have viewed and liked their works can be an act of praise. It also connects students from all over the world. A school from another country might stumble upon it and be inspired from it. It is an informal yet educational way of communicating. It is a way of starting or continuing an intellectual discussion without being inside the classroom. Students can just easily log in with their username and password. Students and teachers can thus save on paper by opting softcopy learning materials (Dublin,

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