Corporate Social Responsibility In Hospitality Industry

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CHAPTER 1 The Problem and the Setting Introduction To exist and survive in today’s competitive market, it is no longer acceptable for a business to gain profit at the expense of creating environmental devastation or neglecting social needs. The trend of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is continually growing and businesses are struggling to comply and maximize on its benefits. According to (Razafindrambinina & Sabran, 2014) with the growing trend of the CSR, companies would like to know how to make CSR activities profitable or at least financially meaningful for them. One way to improve corporate reputation is through contributions to the community and society at large, because corporate social responsibility may increase customer goodwill…show more content…
There is limited understanding of CSR. Every now and then, businesses start to create their own definition and understanding about Corporate Social Responsibility. There are a lot of studies about Corporate Social Responsibility related to different businesses which includes Hospitality industry. The focus of this study will be on the CSR of Travel agencies. According to the research of Laurilla (2013), hospitality industry is a huge business and it is one of the world’s largest industries and in many regions the single largest source of investment and employment. The travel industry is a big part of this large industry and so it was used in this research to gather information about Corporate Social Responsibility. This study aims to explore the nature of CSR in the travel industry and its impact on consumers by: a. Identifying CSR activities practiced by selected travel agencies; b. examining the value types of consumers; c. the level of awareness of the employees of travel agencies and consumers on CSR; d. identifying the relationship between CSR activities and value types; e. the impacts of CSR activities on the consumers. Consumer behaviour will be a big part on this study since it will also help identify if the CSR activities will bring good effects on them or will make no interest and impact at…show more content…
Theoretical/Conceptual Framework According to Levy, there are 5 basic domains or CSR dimensions and Activities. These are Community Relations, Diversity issues, Employee Relations, Environmental issues and Product Quality (Levy & Park, 2011). He used the domains to analyse CSR Activities in the lodging industry in his study. As for environmental issues, he considered the domain as a major motivating factor for hotel properties to implement green practices, particularly environmentally responsible practices which reduce energy expenses. He also included community relations and diversity issues for its improvement and local quality of life. Employee relations to lower staff turnover, strengthen employee engagement, raise staff morale and better recruit high-performing candidates; and product quality to certify that products and services are accurate and complete and ensuring that customer satisfaction is measured and

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