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Lack of Sleep Is Killing Us Lack of sleep on a chronic basis have a significant negative psychological and physiological consequences. The lack of sleep can result in decreased mental alertness and cognitive function. It can also lead to depression-like symptoms, obesity, increased blood pressure, reduced immune function and increased levels of stress hormones (Rice U). The lack of sleep has far reaching negative consequences on our country and our society. The effects of poor sleep are contributors to performance and productivity, increased stress, accidents from drowsy driving and major disasters. Many people do not realize they have a sleep problem or if they do, they do not take it seriously enough to seek help (Cite paper). At some point in their life many people will have sleep disturbances. Between 30% and 50% of the population will…show more content…
These tips usually only require a few minor changes to environment and lifestyle and the long term benefits to overall health are documented. Some of the suggestions include a better sleep schedule and bedtime routine, sleep on comfortable pillows and mattress, avoid watching television or using a computer in bed, and use your bedroom only for sleep and sex (Cite paper). A little over eight years ago I found out how important sleep when I was hospitalized due to lack of sleep from chronic back pain. My life has changed drastically in those eight years. I no longer drink alcohol or do drugs. I try to exercise on a regular basis and maintain a healthy weight. I work with multiple doctors and a physical therapist to keep pain levels down in order to maintain good sleep. I try to keep a good bedtime schedule that is the same on weekends as it is weekdays. I have found the right mattress and pillows. After experiencing what lack of of sleep can do I have become very aware of my sleep and talk to my doctors regularly about my sleeping patterns and how to keep them

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