Essay On Mass Media

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“Mass media provides the essential link between the individual and the demands of the technological society (Ellul, 2001).” As Ellul (2001) stated, he further insinuates that the need to establish the connection between humans and their needs were compelled to, hence, the conception of mass media. Furthermore, mass media was introduced to rapidly relay certain news, information and nn entertainment to a vast majority of individuals in a prompt technique. Significantly, Rani (2014, para. 4) articulates that, “In today’s world of globalization, the impact and influence of mass media is more than ever and all pervasive.” A colossal impact of mass media is present in almost every aspect of one’s life. Mass media can condition one’s way of thinking, feelings, intuition, and manner of response with regards to certain subject matters. This implies that media can administer individuals to both positive and hostile purposes. However, mass media did not originate out…show more content…
The adjustment of the people nonetheless, did not occur in a fleeting moment as the development of the nations from being agricultural took a long period of time. The public’s flourishing interest for information and entertainment paved the way for the rise of newspapers, books, and magazines during the Industrial Revolution. With the growth of general demand for mass media, electronic mass media, such as satellite communications and the internet, were created to suffice the need for more efficient communication of today’s Information Age (Luthra, 2009). Because of the role of mass media in our society, everyone must be aware of how mass media developed through the years, its diverse forms, and mass media’s massive influence on people’s way of
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