Cause And Effect Essay On Lack Of Sleep

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Many people do not receive the necessary amount of sleep each night, and they have to suffer the consequences. Lack of sleep can lead to many problems such as alzheimer's obesity and many others. When people do not get enough sleep each night there could be serious consequences and it can take a toll on their body and their brain. A lack of sleep negatively affects the physical and mental well-being of people. There are many factors as to why people don't get enough sleep. Students who receive lots of homework each night, and don’t get a lot of sleep usually end up stressed out or depressed. There are many causes for sleep deprivation such as internet use before going to bed, or simply staying up late. Also, there are many sleeping disorders that cause you to wake up constantly throughout the night When someone is sleeping your body is being re-energized. If people do not reach the goal of eight hours of sleep each night then there is a high risk of many mental problems and physical problems.…show more content…
Lack of sleep causes anxiety, depression, and more. People who have sleeping disorders such as insomnia and do not get loads of sleep are three times more likely to develop depression (“Sleep and Mental”).” Adolescents who do not receive enough sleep are at high risk for their developing brain. "Lack of sleep has a striking impact on developing brains. Insufficient sleep is a risk factor for psychological illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia and anxiety. It can also set them on a path to obesity very early in life. A study showed that three year-olds who had ten and a half hours' sleep or less, which is not nearly enough, were 45 per cent more likely to be obese at [the age of] seven than those getting 12 hours or more" (Carskadon). People who have depression or anxiety usually have trouble with sleep (Epstein). Sleep issues reportedly cause anxiety 29% of the time at and depression 69% of the time (“Sleep and
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