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Women's Bodybuilding Techniques : Modern bodybuilding competition for women had its tentative beginnings in the late 1970s. The best in the world contests perhaps the most successful (despite the fact that women still appeared onstage in high heels). In 1980s the National Physique Committee held its first National Championships for women, and the international Federation of Bodybuilder sanctioned the first Ms Olympia contest. Bodybuilding for women as a recognized national and international sport for both amateurs and professionals was officially on its way. One major development in bodybuilding has been the advent of bodybuilding competition for woman, as well as the increasing number of women using bodybuilding training for the development…show more content…
Lisa also sought out top-name photographers and photos of her were the introduction many people had to the aesthetically developed muscular female body. Bodybuilding was extremely fortunate and became the first Ms Olympia, combination sleek, sexy looks, muscularity and personality set a standard of excellence that female bodybuilders have used as a benchmark ever since. Cory Everson and Lenda Murray dominated the 1980s and 1990s, winning six Ms Olympic titles apiece. They were followed by Kim Chizevsky, three-time winner of the Ms Olympia crown. Kim’s incredible levels of hardness and muscularity immediately began generating the same sorts of controversy regarding muscles vs. aesthetics as we saw during the course of Dorian Yates’s dominance of the Mr. Olympia. New Ideas: Bodybuilding for women is such a new idea that it is no wonder there is controversy surrounding it. Never before in history have women developed their muscles for aesthetic purposes, pumping iron author Charles Gainers calls this look a New Archetype, Many don’t approve of this activity for women and don’t like how it…show more content…
I am happy to see women increasingly overcoming in the artificial barriers that have limited them in the past. Bodybuilding for women is just one more example of this cultural transformation. Aspects of Bodybuilding: But as far as I am concerned, the most significant aspect of bodybuilding for women is its impact on health and fitness. Women in our society too often suffer from loss of strength, lean body mass and physical ability, especially as they grow older, because they don’t exercise their muscles properly. Too many women concentrate on aerobic exercise at the expense of resistance training because they have been convinced that working their muscles will make them look unfeminine. Additionally, they often go on extreme and unhealthy diets that cause a loss of both bone and muscle mass. I have great hopes that the example of female bodybuilders will help to teach women the benefits of bodybuilding workout and diet programs so that as many women as possible can enjoy the benefits to their health and well-being of a fit, strong, and shapely body. Programs Develop

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