Essay On Changing Economy

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How does a changing economy impact the rest of the country? The ways that people got around had a lot to do with the changing economy as well as impacting the rest of the country. The Homestead act also had a large influence on the economy. The railroads helped the city in some ways, but also hurt them. Additionally, Boss Tweed became head of Tammany Hall. In the next several paragraphs, I will be explaining my three reasons how a changing economy impacts the rest of the country also and how the economy improved.The changing of the economy had a negative impact on the rest of the country because whenever something was changed it made the economy worse in the different types of acts. The changing of the economy had a negative effect on the Homestead act by when the homesteaders started moving west and…show more content…
The Americans what to change the Native Americans from savagery to citizenship ( Gates) . The railroads helped the cities not only advance but also agonized the people. George Pullman built a factory for manufacturing other railroad cars. Farmers were antagonized with the railroad companies for many reasons. They were upset by the misunderstanding of how the government grants the land , and how the railroads got sold to other governments. The transcontinental railroad was a more national and immediate way of transportation of how all of the people that worked on the railroad could get to where they need to go. They occasionally had encounters with the Native Americans. By using the railroad they transported goods and services to the West and the East. They had to use TNT to blast open the mountains, but it was extremely dangerous. Hundreds of died because of avalanches, weather, starvation, and conditions of where they were working. This tells the bad things that happened while they were working on the Transcontinental Railroad. Most of the railroad workers were immigrants who moved to America from other
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