Thesis Essay On The ALA Experience

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ALA Thesis Essay. The ALA experience is and will always be a part of my life journey that has shaped me to accept myself, to discover and deepen my passion for Politics, to accept that I would not always be the best at everything I do. ALA has shaped me into this young confused young man unsure about his future plan but sure he has to go through any challenge to face his future. Failing has been a great challenge at ALA considering that I was this excellent student respected by my fellow back home. Admitting that was a very hard part of my ALA journey, but finally, I accepted that ALA won’t be the easy process in my journey as it used to be. I learnt that you may work late at the night not sleep and then score a “C” at the end you killed…show more content…
The team was friendly dynamic but one problem was our accountability with each other. I tried at some point to work on it. But Motivation wasn’t my strength at this current moment. We failed to present a great project even though our plan was to create a new Students enterprise. This failure occurred because of a real lack of communication in the team. This made me realize that beyond any team problem communication is key to achieve goals. I had complaints to make but I stayed quiet. I had my part to play in this lack of accountability because I began to take things also for granted. I let my personal works and worries take time during our meetings. I was sometimes late. This had a consequence of enabling a poor performance from our team. This had occurred this year. My team and I, we came with great plans, However Having the knowledge that lack of communication would lead us to failure. I tried to communicate whenever I felt a lack of accountability. But my actions had little effect. I became like the one who talks too much. My leadership experience was enriched there because I learnt to let other being aware of the prejudice and then I did not try to force the rest. Both teams had some failures but there was always a lesson to learn. There was some success but the failures were more apparent to help me develop my

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