Psychological Factors The Main Cause Of Substance Abuse Essay

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To what extent are psychological factors the main cause of substance abuse? Introduction In this project I will be considering whether psychological factors are the main cause of substance abuse or if other factors such as sociological factors are equally or more significant. The aim of this project is to understand the leading causes of substance abuse to later understand what can be done to prevent it. By looking into the factors influencing substance abuse this essay will identify if the stigma behind drug use is justified and if users are being wrongly discriminated against. This research will also consider the effects of substance abuse on users and those surrounding the users to acknowledge any impacts which can escalate drug use or lead…show more content…
Continuous abuse of these substances can ultimately lead to dependence, this is where a person’s body builds up a tolerance to the substances that they’re consuming leading to further abuse. This form of abuse can have lasting effects on the abuser and those around them such as friends and family. The longer a person abuses said substances the more severe the effects, people “who drink heavily have a greater risk of liver disease, heart disease, sleep disorders, stroke, bleeding

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