Ap Essay Prompt In The Novel 'The Awakening'

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Emily Hayes Mrs. Schroder AP English Literature and Composition 3 January 2018 1987 AP Exam Essay Prompt Throughout history, authors have used techniques such as tone, diction, and style to influence the views of the audience. In popular 1899 novel The Awakening, which was originally titled The Solitary Soul, Kate Chopin uses tone, mood, and diction to convey the internal conflict within main character, Edna Pontellier, while advocating for women’s rights and independence. The serious, somber tone Chopin uses creates an isolated mood which emphasizes the main character’s strength as an individual, representing the individual strength that all women possess. Chopin’s word choice enhances the tone and central message of the novel while also intensifying the independence and power obtained by women. The descriptive style used enhances the plot and…show more content…
Establishing a serious and somber tone strengthens the author’s argument for women’s independence. Edna Pontellier’s serious nature conveys her security to the audience and provides credibility. For example, when Edna reads the letter Robert Lebrun has written about her to Mademoiselle Reisz, she crumbles the letter and exits, without bringing it up again. If Edna would have dwelled on this letter, losing sleep about it or obsessing over the contents, she would sound weak or immature. The strength that Edna demonstrates after the pain from the absence of communication with her lover reflects the strength of women overall and the tone of the novel. The tone is also developed when the narrator says Edna was, “beginning to

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