The Pros And Cons Of Co-Education

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Co-education is the Best Solution for Girls’ and Boys’ Future Box (n.d.), a Head Teacher at Sir Henry Floyd Grammar School once said, “Our motivations now are for women and men to have completely equal opportunities and we have to ask what the best school environment to support that is?” In fact, prior to 2007, all universities in Kuwait were implemented coeducation except some colleges. In this research, we will compare and discuss the differences between both educational systems in order to prove which one of them is more useful. In recent years, at this open times, liberal people support gender mixed universities “coeducation”. On the other hand, traditionalist people refuse the coeducational system, one studying place for males and females.…show more content…
However, this paper argues that women are better prepared for the job market when they receive a coed education, for they learn how to communicate with males and to compete against them. A primary reason for studying in coeducation system is to help women expressing their actions more effectively to the male colleagues at workplace. By allowing genders to mix there is room for competition and ideas to thrive on that competition. In the article “Single-Sex Education Is Assailed,” Lewin (2011) argues that, single-sex education is inefficient and misguided because it can rise gender isolated single-sex education. Furthermore, coeducation increase chances that girls could have to be able to work with boys. For instance, women who studied in coeducational universities feel more self-confidence when they express their views in the presence of members of the opposite sex. Therefore, coeducation develops self-reliance and reflect strong self-image for women when they deal with the opposite sex. This characters are significant for building strong women’s personality and prepare them as leaders. On the one hand, when women are studying in single-sex universities, they may misunderstand how to deal with different men’s
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