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What Does The World Eat for Breakfast We all live in different cities, countries and even continents. Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day that keeps us healthy. Today we decided to share with you what 11 different countries eat for breakfast every morning. So here we go. 1. China. There are dozens and dozens of breakfasts combos in China that differ widely from each other depending on which part of the country you're in. But they all seem to have three things in common. They're incredibly filling. No sugar coated puffs of air here. Fabulously fresh, often cooked in front of your eyes as soon as you order and brilliantly cheap. Here are two main Chinese breakfasts. Steamed dumplings with porridge. You get these all…show more content…
In fact Koreans find eating so important that they want to concentrate all of their attention on it and consider it impolite to talk while eating. They avoid conversation until the end of the meal. There is little difference in what Koreans eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfasts The biggest meal of the day may include a cold soup such as oil and Guk or cucumber soup, steamed peppers and Cesan John fish patties, pool Gogi or grilled beef is one of Korea's best known meat dishes. 6. France A traditional French breakfast usually includes coffee and either baguette or croissant. The baguette a long thin loaf of crusty bread is the most important part of any French meal. Everyone at the table is Specter to eat a piece. It is eaten in a variety of ways including being used to make sandwiches. Melted cheese spread on a baguette is often presented as a part of a breakfast meal. Using an open grill. Diners melt their own cheese with ham or beef slices or fry their own egg. 7.…show more content…
a breakfast in Japan is often light savory and simple. A bowl of miso soup and rice or rice porridge is often the main part of the meal. Sometimes accompanied by a piece of cooked fish and some pickled vegetables and of course a cup of green tea. 9. Mexico. Depending on the region of Mexico typical breakfast items may vary slightly but often include ingredients such as corn tortillas, eggs, beans and sauces compiled in different ways. One common breakfast item is chilaquiles. Fried corn tortilla chips topped with green or red salsa or lay eggs pulled Check-In cheese and refried beans. 10. Finland A hearty bowl of oat based porridge poodle is a common breakfast in Finland, often served with milk, fresher frozen berries and a bit of butter. Also there could not be breakfast without filtered coffee in Finland. The Finnish prepared from organic coffee beans that they usually grind at home. Another important part of a finished breakfast is conversation. One of the best things and family breakfast is to be able to talk with each other and find out how everyone is doing at the

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