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Good morning to the principal of SK Pekan, teachers and students. I am Ridhwan Hanafi, one of the alumni in SK Pekan. I am here to present a talk on the topic “Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day”, in conjunction with SK Pekan’s Entrepreneurship Day. The main purpose of this talk is to make you realize about the importance of taking breakfast, and how it affects positively on your overall health and academic performances. Before going further, I would like to share with you what breakfast actually means. Breakfast actually means to ‘break your fast’. ‘Fast’ means you don’t eat food, because during the night, you are sleeping and not eating anything (“Breakfast – A Great Way to Start the Day!”, 2013), hence you are considered ‘to fast’. So when you have your breakfast, you are considered to have broken your fast. A few importance of taking your breakfast is to provide you with energy (Berkey, Rockett, Gillman, Field, & Colditz, 2003), so that you could learn and do other activities much better (“Breakfast – A Great Way to Start the Day!”, 2013; Berkey, et al., 2003), and maintain a healthy weight (“Breakfast Basics”, 2012) to avoid being overweight or underweight, which is not healthy. Other than that, you could also feel much better and not worry about getting hungry before recess (Wyon, Abrahamsson, Järtelius &…show more content…
An extensive research in Australia and other countries has also found that those who have breakfast have a more nutritious diet than those who do not take their breakfast (“Breakfast”, 2012). Even though you eat lunch and dinner but skip breakfast, you will still lose some vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to absorb during the

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