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Tampa General Observation At Tampa General Hospital, there have been real eye-openers in the radiology universe. The whole purpose of our role as radiologic technologists is understanding. When something is wrong and no one knows why, we are the key to unlock those unanswered questions. We may not know what lies within the door, but we do know how to get there. The phrase “we are the eyes in the medical field” inspire so many of us to do our duty with grace and quality. With grace, we carry our strengths for others than ourselves. With quality, there are always aspects that need to be improved. Some strengths that stand out in my character are exams in the x-ray room. Several technologists have complimented good flow, knowledgeable tube-manipulation, and adequate collimation in the exam room. The environment and equipment is effortless to comprehend and maneuver around. Regrettably, other technologists have noticed my struggle during portable studies. The strengths shown best in the x-ray room convert to weaknesses within portable exams. Unfortunately, my portable flow is not constant, aseptic technique is flawed, and board orientation is a challenge to comprehend when each…show more content…
Within the first three weeks in the main radiology department, my comfort manipulating the equipment was second nature. An example would be the very first time I used one of the main radiology x-ray rooms for a toe exam. The patient could not move her entire leg, and full routine exams of the tibia-fibula, ankle, foot, and toe projections were ordered. Instead of rotating the patient, cross-table views, tube-angulations, and compensating board placement were suggested and performed all on my own. The technologist who was watching me disclosed they were thoroughly impressed by my tube-manipulating knowledge. The growth from my previous clinical rotation to Tampa General was tremendously
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