Why Do Nacirema Eat

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The Nacirema is a North American group, also known as Americans. The Nacirema students at Stetson University eat in a big room inside a building called the commons. The commons have different food stations set up and the Nacirema students pick up white plates and go around to the food stations and get however much and whatever food they want to eat, then they go to this drink station with many options of sodas and juices and get whatever they want and then they go and sit down with their food. The Nacirema eat a variety of animals and cook all of their meat to the point that the meat is chewy or burnt. While observing the Nacirema eat I realized that while they eat, they do many things such as converse, and watch television or go on their phone.…show more content…
There are different meal times, there is breakfast, lunch, dinner, and sometimes there is a time when the Nacirema eat which they call snack time. Breakfast is in the morning from 7am- 11am. At breakfast the Nacirema tend to eat things like eggs, pancakes, waffles, and etc. Then there is Lunch which is from 12pm- 3pm. At lunch the Nacirema eat lots of things like hamburgers, French fries, pasta, burritos, and etc. Almost everything they eat is smothered with some type of sauce like ketchup which they put on their hamburgers and French fries. After Lunch is Dinner, which starts at 5pm and ends at 7pm. Dinner and lunch are actually really similar except there is a difference in time. At lunch the Nacirema eat the same things they do at lunch. Last you have what the Nacirema call snack time during snack time the people don’t eat meals like at breakfast lunch and dinner they eat little serving sizes like a bowl of fruit, peanuts, a pack of cookies, really anything just a different portion. Snack time is in between the meal times so if you get hungry and it isn’t lunch time yet the Nacirema just eat a little

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