Kellogg's Cereal Advertisement Analysis

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In today’s era, people want to be more successful than others. It is only possible if they are healthy and it depends upon healthy lifestyle. If they eat good food then they became physically fit. Kellogg’s cereal advertisement in the” kpu course Moodle page” demonstrates that it is food which help the individuals to reach their goals and pursue their career. This advertisement is advertisement by Kellogg’s Canada Inc. for those people who wants to make their future bright because according to advertisement company a bright future starts with breakfast. It is a product which is made up of various kinds of proteins and nutrients which help the people to start their day with the excessive amount of energy, exclusively for the children. This product…show more content…
There are five basic needs .The foremost one is physiological needs followed by safety needs and then social interactions, esteem needs and the top most is the need of self-actualization (Kalat 259-260). Among these five needs, the physiological needs and self-actualization are the needs which are fulfilled by the Kellogg’s cereal advertisement. This advertisement explains the scenario Kellogg’s cereal play paramount role in individuals health which is considering as a healthy diet for people and leads to the bright future. According to the company “Every child is born with potential” which means that they have the ability to do something. Every juvenile has their own ideas regarding their future such as to be a Police Officer, Astronaut, Doctor, Sportsman, Army Officer etc. What a police can do in the society? This is only a profession which supports the society to move ahead with the protection.…show more content…
It relates with the physiological needs of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. By this way Kellogg’s provide them basic needs to survive such as a bowl of cereal which helps them in many ways. The one is that children can get the nutritious and high vitamins food to be healthy and physically strong. Besides this, it will also catalyze their brain by and by which may help them to accomplish their top most needs that is self-actualization. Further, a step taken by the Kellogg’s company is that for each sold box of the cereal can help the poor children in the way that it will donate” $0.50” on each box of sale and eventually on the large scale of the sale it can be reach at “$50,000” which is very huge amount. So, by this way Kellogg’s can also participate to help poor children to fulfill their basic necessities of life. This all benefit will goes to the “breakfast partners across the

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