Persuasive Essay On School Searches

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There is a great deal of controversy today regarding the youth in America. More recently, there was panic within local schools regarding Fentanyl and Opioids. Parents and students were sent frightening information in connection with the drugs and the effects if a person accidently consumed it. Some believe that if there were more school searches, there would be less catastrophe within our schools. The question lies within: Do we allow school searches to eliminate drugs and/or other paraphernalia brought into the walls of the schools? The 4th Amendment states, “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizure” (Ehlenberger, 31). However, when it comes to the…show more content…
Students feel that they're interfering with their personal business. Mary White stated, "some of the kids feel their personal rights are being violated and that the reason we're deciding to do this is that we don't trust them" (Robinson). It's not a matter of trust rather the matter of furnishing a protected setting for students to learn. These inspections can tarnish the reputation of the school. "You run the risk of people mistakenly thinking your school is a problem school or sometimes people outside your realm this the problem is bigger than it is" (Robinson). Schools struggle to keep a high status while maintaining a secure building. Another concern that the school searches raise is the anxiety it brings to the people. The people stated, "some students and parents at Longmont thought using dogs to conduct random drug searches would create a climate of fear and distrust between teachers and pupils" (Robinson). Administrators don't want to worry the students and their family with the random searches, but they have to decide between doing the right thing and handle the situation. Although many believe we need to omit the use of school searches, they are used with having set goals in mind to keep a safe

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