Why Should School Delay Start Time

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Proposing Delayed Start Times in Abbotsford High Schools Simran Kaur 300150521 University of the Fraser Valley The controversy of what time schools should start has been circling for years. During early school mornings, students struggle to get out of bed. Through personal experience, I have concluded that this struggle is primarily caused by the chronic issue of sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation is the lack of ability to receive a sufficient amount of sleep, whether it is caused by sleep disorders or general restlessness. This results in tired students rendered unable to focus in class. Sleep deprivation among Abbotsford high school students can easily be cured with the simple solution of changing school times from 8:00 am to 9:00 am. Many individuals argue that schools should continue their regular…show more content…
Despite having to readjust timetables and schedules, it is beneficial for the long-term health of students if they begin receiving enough sleep on a daily basis. Corresponding to health, eating breakfast is also a major factor that, if altered, will change the quality and atmosphere throughout the remainder of the day. Although some students may generally dislike school, a lot of this hostility originates from having to wake up early every weekday morning. Altering school schedules to delay initial classes by one hour will provide students with an extended hour of sleep. This will result in the decrease of individuals struggling with sleep deprivation. In the end, I strongly believe that later school times in Abbotsford will encourage students to eat breakfast in order to properly nourish themselves for the rest of the day. Additionally, a later start in high schools will reduce levels of sleep deprivation among students and also aid in decreasing the number of lates and intentionally skipped
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