Disadvantages Of E-Book

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Now we are on technology era everything must be done on tablet or laptop, that also include on education that give student device called e-book this device have argument with two group of people first group believe e-book is good device to make students to get chap copy of the book without bought original copy of the book. On other hand, people believe this device make students feel more stress and uncomfortable while reading front screen that herm their eyes.I agree with e-book shouldn’t encourage in education because e-book doesn’t give feeling like reading real book you must do a lot of things to read text clear. Second, reading e-book in same position that make person feel stress and uncomfortable. Third, students who use e-book have issue with remember what they readied in e-book.…show more content…
" published in ergonomics.(par 3 ).In addition, feeling stress and having healthy issues not only thus are disadvantages, Research show student who read books can remember what he or she read more then student are use e-book, in the end this study still in progress may the e-books will be good resource to read from it in the future, but that will make reading e-book more enjoyable then real

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