What Is The Importance Of Children Essay

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The greatest miracle in the world is to give a birth to a new person. There isn't nothing pleasurable, to care and carry our little baby- the inheritor of your genes. Gradually, the feelings of joy and peace are replaced by thinking about the present and the future of our child. Every parent dreams to have healthy, intelligent and kind children. But to achieve this requires patience and active participation in their development. In the beginning, children's outlook completely depends on the family environment, where they grow up in. They have a strong emotional connection with mom and dad, that's why one of the parents should be an optimist by nature, at least. Later this can prevent and determine the child's attitude to overcome negativity…show more content…
All stories and situations help the mind to comprehend the reality and to distinguish the good from the bad. They are one expression of the real life and the relations between people. How good it would be, along reading them to play the stories and characters as a game. In this way, parents are involved in children's world and build a strong connection, which develops their communication skills. To experience parents' participation is very important for kids because it creates a friendship that exists forever. 3. Love music. If music is a part of our daily grind, no way, our kids will accept it in the same way. As early as possible involved, this pleasurable habit includes different activities- listening, singing, dancing That will help to reveal the secret power of music and improves brain and mind development. Recently, is proved the influence of music on processes of early kids' speech, whose parents use this universal tool. Moreover, the taste for good music in early ages helps the emotional development and adoption in the fast life, these days. A way that can protect our children from different addictions. 4. Pets and

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