Advantages Of Electronic Books Vs. Traditional Books

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In a world that faces perpetual changes in terms of technology, people are constantly trying to keep up with this development on every aspect. One example of this progress is the fact that electronic books are taking over from traditional books. Or so it would seem. So the question is which is better – paperback or electronic books, and why is that? Regarding accessibility, electronic books are surpassing the traditional ones because a reading device has the capacity to store thousands of books in different versions. This gives people the possibility to enjoy reading a considerable number of books in any place. On the other side, books do not run out of batteries or breakdown and there is always the probability that you cannot get hold of a certain book in an electronic format. But in spite of that, concerning accessibility, electronic books are regarded superior in comparison with traditional books.…show more content…
Printed books are thought to be accountable for the harvest of approximately 125 million trees only in 2008 . Due to the fact that several books can be stored on electronic devices, e-books are considered to be environmentally friendly, even though these devices have among their components toxic elements and they need energy for charging. Thus, when assessing which option has the least environmental impact, we need to take into consideration reading patterns, meaning how much a reading device is used and how often a consumer feels the need to buy a new one, and how much the printing industry is adapting to the recycling

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