The Importance Of Nanotechnology

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“Nano” a little word with immense potential has been rapidly indicating its self into the worlds map and has an enormous influence in every aspect of Science and Technology .Nano is something that has always been in existence but its new concept applicable to modern life was introduced by the Nobel Laureate Richard P Feynman during his famous lecture ‘There’s plenty of room at the bottom’, in an American Physical Society meeting at Caltech on December 29, 1959. Motivation for nanoworld is obtained by Feynman from the Biological Systems. Feynman said “many of the biological cells are very tiny, but they are active; they manufacture substances; they walk around; they wiggle; and they do all kinds of marvelous things – all on a very small scale”. The word ‘Nano’ is gaining popularity in almost all the field of Science and Technology. Nanoscience refers to the science & discipline, Nanotechnology refers to the applied part of it including the Engineering to control, manipulate and structure the matter at an…show more content…
This is due to the hydrophobic nature of the surface no water can find refuge over the surface. Today’s nanotechnology is a reflection of this natural phenomenon, and similar use of nano coating is being widely used in the manufacture of paints, bodies of aero-planes, wind shield glasses etc. The webs of spiders which are stronger than steel and are able to withstand, the elements are made from the nanofibers which are light and insoluble in water. And the water striders are able to walk over the water surface without getting wet due to the nano-grooves present in the micro hairs of their legs ( Murty et al 2012). Besides, the brightly coloured plumage of birds like peacock, pigeon and the sparkling wings of butterflies are all but a natural reflection of

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