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Informative Speech Template Outline I. Introduction (Approximately 1 min.) A. Attention Getter: Good afternoon, how is everybody doing? Good right. Today we’ll our self in future automotive industry. According to Garrett Wasny, in his book of, Advanced Googling: How to Search Smarter, Faster and More Efficiently on Google, there are “tens of millions of Americans… [who are] denied the privileged of operating motor vehicle today because of the issue related to health or age.” B. Background and Audience Relevance: This is where the Google’s self-driving car comes in hand. For the past six years, Google has been working on a design to build an autonomous car. The car will only have a GPS to set its destination and a start/stop button. Earlier…show more content…
Body (Approximately 3 ½-5 ½ mins.) A. Main Point 1: The Google’s self-driving car is a combination of radar, laser, ultrasonic Sensors, GPS and Video camera. 1. Sub point 1: The reason this laser is so important is because the GPS is not quite reliable enough. GPS can’t detect objects in front of you, they can’t draw map around you as you like as laser can. There is also a camera underneath the rear view mirror. The reason for this is that it leverages image recognition programs to help the car read signs, traffic light and other elements in the driving environment. To help detect objects there are four standard automotive radar sensors. Three mounted in the front of the car and one in the back. There is also an ultrasonic sensor mounted on the left rear wheel that works along with the GPS to help the cars mapping position. All of these parts are combined together with sophisticated software. The software processes all the information to help the car safely navigate the road without getting tired or…show more content…
B. Main Point 2: One of the main advantages of this car is the lack of human error and the safer journey it provides. 1. Sub point 1: According to U.S. Department of Transportation, there were around 30 thousand people killed involving with traffic accident in 2013. And since the start of the project the autonomous cars “have been involved in only 11 minor accident.” which not once was the self-driving car the cause. Therefore, having a self-driving car will save the life of thousands here in our country and millions around the world. 2. Sub point 2: These cars doesn’t require a human assistance, therefore anyone is capable of driving. Disabilities would no longer be a factor in driving and elders who aren’t capable of manual driving can benefit more out of this car. Transition (signpost, summary, preview): Now that you have a better understanding of the self-driving cars advantages. I will now discuss its

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