Disadvantages Of E-Learning

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Introduction E-Business (Electronic Business) It means implication of technologies in all the activities of business. It can be defined as conduct of business, commerce activity using computer networks. In simple E-Business is the conducting or running business activity via the Internet. Web has turned into a fundamental piece of life. It has expanded methods for collaborating furthermore purchasing and offering of any items or administrations got to be less demanding. Generally the terms E-business and E-trade are utilized conversely however they are some contrast between them. E-commerce is mainly deals with buying and selling of product or services Example- online shopping where as E-business involves not only buying and selling but also…show more content…
Utilization of IT, particularly PCs and Web, makes it simple to sort out distance learning accessible for understudies set up and time of their own decision. Finishing up - in spite of E-Learning's nearby ties with innovation, it is basically an instruction arranged…show more content…
Synchronous Learning: -Watching live a television broadcast, Internet telephony, Two-way live satellite broadcast, online lectures, audio/video conferencing, listening to a live radio broadcast. 2. Asynchronous Learning:- Videotaped classes, Self paced courses taken via Internet or CD-Rom, reading e-mail messages 3. Self-study with subject expert 4. Web-based, blog, wikis, forums 5. Video/Audio streaming Traditional Vs E-Learning Approaches Traditional Classroom E-Learning Classroom Physical restricted size Anytime, Unlimited, anywhere Content Textbook/library, Collaboration Digital Library, Power Point, Email, Video chat Personalization One learning path Learning way and pace dictated by learner. The limitless development towards e-learning is obviously propelled by the numerous advantages it offers. However much e-learning is commended and improved, PCs will never totally wipe out human teachers and different types of instructive conveyance. What is vital is to know precisely what e-realizing preferences exist and when these exceed the impediments of the

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