Systematic Research Review

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Critique of systematic research review A Systematic Research Review (SSR) is a summary of evidence collected that employs a rigorous process for identifying, appraising and synthesizing studies to help in answering particular and specific clinical issue and to draw conclusions about the data and information gathered in the field. A systematic review is a genre of a literature review that collects and criticizes as well as critically analyzing multiple research studies or papers. A review of existing literature and studies is usually quicker and cheaper than embarking on a journey of conducting a new study and gathering new data and information. Often, systematic research review is utilized in evidence-based practices to reduce bias from individual…show more content…
Physicians believe that lung cancer and smoking often but not always go hand in hand and moves from one stage to another. A lung cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells that start off in one or both lungs usually in the cells that line the air passages. The abnormal cells do not develop into healthy lung tissue, but they divide rapidly and form tumors. Lung cancer in adults is seen as one of the prevalent conditions that need to be fully addressed so that the rates of death that occur as a result of this condition can reduce there exist a lot of evidence which shows that the number of adults who have lung cancer has increased with time. Statistics indicate that adults suffering from this condition require more attention compared to children although there are few reported cases of children suffering from this condition. These results are based on the fact that lung cancer is a chronic illness that takes long before they can fully recover although if a patient is not given proper care, there is a high likelihood that he or she may end up…show more content…
All health care providers ranging from nurses to physicians have a responsibility and the duty to ensure that they provide sufficient management of the symptoms and signs of this illness. In addition, there is the need for all practitioners to make sure that they promote quality life for the adults that are suffering from lung cancer. Past studies clearly indicate that lung cancer patients often experience symptom distress more than patients that suffer from other types of cancer. As a result, symptom management among patients who have lung cancer is one of the important and crucial steps in containing this illness, and it is the duty of all health care providers to be conversant with all symptoms management processes and procedures. Research conducted on patients that suffer from this illness show that understanding the needs and the requirements of all patients is crucial in managing and handling this condition which in turn would reduce the rate of deaths that result from lung cancer. Total deaths worldwide that are associated with lung cancer are close to two million which is way higher than any other type of cancer. .this is a clear indication that lung cancer is a nightmare to most medical practitioners and there is the need for good and quality care

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