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Jose Antonio R. Tabboga English 27 Mr. Andre Dominic Peralta College Students Prefer E-books Over Printed Books Throughout the years, physical books have always been the medium for learning because it can contain broad or specific information about topics that one needs. However, as technology has advanced through the recent years, E-books have emerged which is an electronic version of reading materials, specifically books. In the context of college students, more students allegedly prefer E-books over printed books for various reasons. This study aims to find out the variables that involves college students’ preference of E-books or printed books by identifying its different advantages and disadvantages. An E-book is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be read by using a personal computer or by using an E-book reader (Rouse, 2005). An E-book reader software can usually be downloaded for free on desktop computers or mobile devices…show more content…
The biggest drawback of e-books is that you need to purchase a device to read them on and you must keep that device charged (Berger, 2015). Purchasing an electronic device such as a smartphone, computer or a tablet may be very costly for the average reader. The device also needs to constantly be charged to keep it powered while the reader is reading. Unlike a physical book, E-books are dependent on power and electricity for the reader to benefit from it, but in exchange, it needs no trees for manufacturing its pages. Just like a real physical book, the reader must take care of their electronic device which contains their E-books and maintain it to make the device last as long as it can. Eventually, electronic devices will wear off and malfunction and can be more fragile than physical books. Dropping an electronic device a few times may cause the device to malfunction whereas dropping a physical book will only have its corners bent or

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