Importance Of Reading

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Introduction This research study has gathered data on motivation to read. Results show that Arzanah’s female students are not highly motivated to read. The following discussion presents explanation of the most significant findings and connection between the research questions and results. Importance of reading The research study shows that the majority of freshman students read from none book to 1 book in a month. By comparison, people in India spend 10 hours’ and 42 minutes per week reading which is about 1 hour and 48 minutes per day. In fact, India comes first in the world in terms of the amount of reading per week following by Thailand and Chain [see appendix A]. In contrast, freshman students think that reading is extremely important but they don’t read. We believe that freshman students might face many obstacles that stops them from reading. For example, in some courses like COM101 and ENGR150 freshman students are required to do further reading outside the class so this affects how much other readings students are doing. In addition, tight deadlines for the assignments in every course which make students stress and don’t have time to read. Also, students tend to revise their lessons daily. Furthermore, students might have quizzes and exams. So, half of the students’ time goes for university…show more content…
In the previous research [5] which asserts that children who get motivated to read are more interested in mystery books and they are more likely to discover about unexplained things. That means children and adults agree in reading the same genre of books. Both of people in these ages enjoy thinking deeply which also helps them to do very well in their education too by analysing texts and thinking out of the box. Generally, children get motived to read when they have their opportunities to read what they are interested in
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