Difficulties In Learning English

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Learning English in Saudi Arabia is not an easy task. Saudi students definitely face problems in acquiring English language skills properly. I think the two most difficult skills for Saudi students are listening and Writing; and their difficulty can be attributed to a number of reasons. Many Saudi students are faced with hurdles and setbacks when it comes to listening. Having a poor listening ability can put students in very undesirable situations, for instance, it may lead them to completely misunderstand what the other person is saying, it will not allow them to engage in conversations with people and it can definitely cause them embarrassment and discomfort. Looking back at my English-learning experience in Saudi schools, I have noticed that English teachers were asked to replay the audio recording…show more content…
Another obstacle for Saudi students is that they expect native English speakers to articulate every word like the recordings they are used to hear, so when listening to someone say, “ whatcha doing? ” instead of “ what are you doing?” they simply cannot understand it. The reason Saudi students are better in speaking than listening is because they can choose and have control over what to say, they can use simple words and avoid using complex language structures. Unlike listening where they cannot predict the things other people will say to them. There are some techniques that can help students improve their listening. First of all, teachers should reassure their students that it is not the goal of the listening to understand every single word, also students should accept the fact that it is impossible to understand every word they encounter. It is important that teachers present authentic audio recordings in class. The authenticity of the language is very important because it is a chance to expose students to different accents and ways of speaking. Students should also try

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