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When it comes to incorporating art in a class with much diversity it's important we make it enjoyable and comfortable for each and every child no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, language, religion, mental and even physical ability. The importance of having a curriculum that accommodates diverse learners (all learners) allows the child to learn at their own level or ability. A child with emotional and intellectual challenges may not have the verbal or comprehension skills or the ability to control their body as their peers as for others as well. With this in mind, classes with diverse learners can enjoy art with no worries. This activity allows each child to express their own creativity. It benefits each child in many ways. Being able to express whatever each child is thinking helps improvement in many areas. Art is intended for all to enjoy and learn from. Through an art curriculum, phonics, mathematics, and readiness skills to name a few can be learned through an art curriculum. With this curriculum a teacher can adapt that center to teach those with diverse abilities such as emotional and intellectual challenges, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and orthopedic impairments. Within art there are so many benefits with how it can help each child excel in all areas. Not only is it fun and allows time for your own creativity, but it benefits in the academic areas as well. Art education strengthens problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The experience of making decisions and choices in the course of creating art carries over into other parts of life.…show more content…
Children learn at their own pace and style within a nurturing learning environment which is why we have to implement these activities carefully to be sure each and every student is able to enjoy learning while being

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