Differentiated Instruction

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How do teacher teach differentiated instruction in a general education classroom environments? Differentiated instruction is an instructional theory that allows teacher to face the challenge by taking diverse student factors into account when planning and delivering instruction. It is doing everything to ensure that the struggling and advanced students with different cultural background and experiences are all learning as much as possible. General education is a program of education intended to develop students as personalities rather than trained specialists and to transmit a common cultural heritage. It is important to have differentiated instruction for children when teaching in a general education classroom because no students have the…show more content…
The five quality indicators that reflect majors associated with differentiated instruction is teacher, content, learner, instruction, and assessment. With the REACH inventory, it goes though five steps to motivate and improve the overall educational performance of the students. The first step is to reflect on the will and skills. In order to change our existing classroom practices, we must evaluate our knowledge base, teaching preferences, and subject-area skills. We must create a goal and timeline that is reasonable and realistic so we can introduce it to our differentiated instruction in the classroom. The second step is to evaluate the curriculum. In order for teachers to decide what they want to teach, their choices should be based on the guidance of the district, state, and national curriculum. The third step is to analyze the learners. The teacher should analyze the learners to determine their readiness, interests, preferences, strengths, and needs. The fourth step is craft research based lessons. The goal in the forth step is to strike balance between instruction, remediation, and enrichment. It is very important for the teacher to ensure that students are able to learn at their own performance level. The students would need to be able to participate in the lesson plan even if the instruction is at the differing ability levels. The fifth step is to hone in on the data. When having a differentiated instruction, the teachers would also need to plan an effective assessment. In order to do so, the teachers can introduce multiple methods of formal and informal assessment with their instruction. The assessment can be taken before, during, and after an
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