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There have been countless discussions of whether students should be allowed to grade their teachers or not. My overall opinion about these discussions is that students should not have the choice to grade their teachers. The main purpose for going to school is to learn and educate yourself for the future and to become a successful individual. To do that you need to work hard for the grades you get and here is when the problem starts. Many students take advantage of their teachers that may be easy-going and sweet talk them into giving them a better grade which is unfair. This is unfair because there are some teachers that are not like that and make you work for your grade which might lead students to giving the easy-going teacher a much better evaluation than the stricter teacher. Then, comes favorites. In this world you get along with certain people or and certain people you may not. In this case, one of those people could be your teacher. Students would score their favorite teachers with a better grade in comparison to the teachers…show more content…
The main purpose of school as I mentioned before is a place to learn and grow as a person and the only way to do that and strive is to score the teacher that has honestly helped you learn the most academically no matter if you get along with them or not. As stated in the article, Student Evaluations Offer Bad Data That Leads to The Wrong Answer, “The bad news is that students often conflate good instruction with pleasant ambience and low expectations. As a result, they also reward instructors who grade easily, require little work, are glib and chatty, wear nice clothes, and are physically attractive.” Basically, what they’re trying to say is that students pay attention to certain attributes of a teacher that do not contribute to their learning experience in
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