Difference Between Listening To Myself And Others

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Listening to Myself and Others Overview of Listening There is a difference between hearing and listening. When you are listening, you are concentrating on the words of another person and interpreting the meaning of those words, you also are learning from those words. When someone is hearing they are simply noticing sounds, there is no deeper meaning and you could miss all context. For example, while typing this paper I am hearing the music in my ears to distract any other sounds. If I were listening to the music I would not be able to concentrate on doing my paper because my attention would be on the music. In some of my classes, I actively listening, I rewrite words in different ways, which shows that I understand the context of it. In my other classes I may write down what the professor is saying, but I do not understand their words, which is why later the test, I have no knowledge of the topic.…show more content…
Nonverbal signs are just as important as verbal signs. For example, I asked my mom to take me shopping so I can get some outfits for graduation and my graduation party. She was pregnant and the time, so I did not ask her for a lot of things, she said she would take me out, but her body told me that she was dreading it. I decided to cancel the shopping trip because of the nonverbal sings she was giving me, and she was very appreciative of it. She napped for the rest of the day and when she woke up she felt better, which made me feel like a kind daughter. Also, in class when we carried different people in the hallway it was easy to tell that they were uncomfortable, from their body language, and I approached carrying them differently and talked to them to ease their

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