Narrative Essay About My Dream

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My Dream Thinking about the future used to scare me. I do not know if it was more of just I was going to be older and making my own decisions or that I did not have a plan for what was to come. Honestly I think it was because I did not have a plan. As a second semester sophomore,I have sort of been forced to wake up and start thinking about after high school plans. To be successful in the future, I have been focusing on my dreams, reviewing my PSAT scores and reading the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. My dream is to go to college and get a well paying job .One step to my dream is investigating careers. To do this I completed an interest inventory. Some jobs that turned up were, Marketing Manager, Loan Officers, Digital Marketer and Insurance Underwriter. The career I am most interested in currently is Digital Marketer. To become a Digital Marketer, I would need a bachelor's degree in marketing and…show more content…
When starting with yourself, you are changing yourself before you change others. We need to be gentle with ourselves and start with baby steps. As teens we need to keep promises to ourselves, do small acts of kindness, be gentle with ourselves, be honest, renew ourselves, and tap into our talents. I love to change the world, but after reading this book I learned I need to start with myself first. The second part of the book in private victory is habit number 1,”Be proactive”. Listen to your tone of voice. Is it agitated or welcoming? Some people in this world have “Victimitis Virus” which is when they believe the whole word is against them. But us as teens/people need to stop thinking that way and turn our setbacks in triumphs. We need to push the pause button and just start over. I personally went through this stage of “everyone is against me” But I learned that I just need to pause and rethink that maybe they are just having a bad day and move
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