Film Analysis Of The Movie Back To The Future

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Back to the Future Analysis Time is the resource everyone wants more of so naturally we create media expressing ideas of what we believe it would feel and look like. Back to the Future is a movie set in the town of Hill Valley in the year 1985. The movie consists of the main characters Marty and Doc Brown trying to get back to their own time after marty was forced to travel back in time with no fuel to go back to the future. The movie consists of their antics while they forge a plan to get Marty to his time. The film concludes with his eventual success/failure.This will be an overall critique of the movie Back to the Future. Have you ever wished that you could go back in time and change something from your past. Everyone has at some point wanted this to happen, but have you ever thought about the profound impact that events have had on your life. Just imagine you went back to save a failing relationship you could have just inadvertently erased kids you would have had down the line. Examples of this happening in the movie is when Marty turned Twin Pine Mall into Lone Pine Mall by hitting one of the pines in 1955 therefore having only a single remaining changing the name of the mall. This is a small example from the movie but there are some major other ones. One major example is Marty changing the…show more content…
Some of the performances were really generic Biff was the key example of generic bully #1. His performance was subpar. George was also pretty bad. The way he acted in the scenes in the beginning would have embarrassed me as an actor. This could also be because I am from a time where the acting and quality of film has improved significantly. Overall I love Marty and Doc Brown’s performance. The over the top acting by Christopher Lloyd was spot on for the tone the movie was trying to set. Marty’s performance was also really good. I loved his performance with his guitar solo, and his overall acting was

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