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Clinician: In order to have a successful clinical interview, I followed a series of techniques that allowed me to practice when assessing a client in real life. Prior to starting the assignment, I reminded myself about some general skills such as being self-aware that certain aspects of my persona might be challenging when developing a good rapport. For instance, my Hispanic ethnicity and accent could potentially intimidate the client and evoke certain responses. Regardless of the cultural difference, I felt cultural competent to conduct the interview due to the several years I have lived in the United States. Either way, to avoid a cultural barrier, I tried relating myself to the client by wearing some school pride attire that could hopefully…show more content…
Some of the listening and attending behaviors included the nodding and making eye contact. I used these two body languages to assure my client that I was carefully listening to every word he was saying. Also, in some cases, I used the clarification technique in order to confirm the client that I understood his information correctly. For instance, I said “You said that you have not gotten into arguments with your current girlfriend because you do not see her very often, is that correct?” Moreover I used the paraphrasing technique several times due that I naturally perform this in my everyday life and to confirm my respondents that they are being accurately heard. As an example, I told Paul regarding his desire to quit his job; “You do not like to stay too long in one place.” Finally, the last technique I put into practice was the reflection of feeling because I wanted Paul to know that I recognize his anxiety, stress and anger he is living: “You feel that your ex-wife is ignorant, are you angry at…show more content…
Even though I was aware that I should implement it in the practice interview, I found myself in the situation where the client was answering and I would focus on a single item he mentioned initially and then I would create a question in my mind while the client was still speaking. Also, whenever I would force myself to listen to his answer until the end, I would take long to develop an inquiry and there was a small silence between his answer and my response that could potentially be perceived as not listening. Likewise, a cultural challenge that I recognized was that because I am Hispanic and family-oriented, I felt I asked primarily about his relationship with his family that perhaps it was not significant for him. Some examples were “Do your parents know about your situation with your ex-wife?” “Did your parents encourage you to pursue college?” “How is your parents’ relationship with your current girlfriend?” I realized that my ideologies should not define the conversation when Paul starting answering in an obvious way such as “They stopped caring when I turned

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