Importance Of My Life

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Everyone has their significant experiences. For me, I also have a great experience that have influenced my life, and make me know what I prefer to study and desire to be. A few months ago, I had the opportunity to go to Korea as representative from Thailand. Joining in the 3rd Model IFRC General Assembly. Living in overseas without family had to adapt myself for culture and language. It makes me grew up. I have learned many things from this. And the most important of to be country’s representative have to maintain the country's image. And do my best as possible. I have experienced with the Korean culture, lifestyle of Korean people. I have seen the differences between Thailand and Korea. I was exiting, this my first time that I have listened Korean people speak in real situations. I joined the conference that held at Anseong. So, I had seen other views…show more content…
I have two elder brothers. I live with my mother in Lampang, but my father live in Bangkok. The gap between distances made us love each other more and more. My parents always support me all that I wanted to learn, and shaped me into the person I am today. I am a student of Lampang Kanlayanee School at Sciences and Mathematics Program. Thought difficult course made my G.P.A. was not high, but I got top three on English point in my class. I have a passion for learning language. I was exciting and challenging when I had learned a new language. Also, I have learned French at school for one semester. I attend to the Korean Culture Club at my school that have Korean teacher is an adviser. It was a great opportunity to get closer with native speakers. The activities I did are about Korean culture. Such as making Patbingshu, folding Jjimjilbang hat, learning Korean language, and others. I have taught myself the Korean from chatting with a Korean friend every day in both English and Korean. I also learned through many websites, the books, listening to Korean radio and Korean
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