Huckleberry Finn Comparison

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Huckleberry Finn and I have many similarities and many differences, which make us different. While I may not seem like the kind of person to compare to Huck, I have found many things that make me just like him. For starters, Huck’s love for nature is similar to my love for camping the woods. Huck’s father is never there, and when he is there, he’s a poor father at that; while my dad has never been there and left before I was born. But while we have a lot in common Huck and I have many differences as well. From the way we dress to the religion we follow. I am a Christian while Huck can care less, and I feel the need to dress semi-descent at all times, while Huck would run around the forest butt naked if he could. Huck loves being outside…show more content…
But one of the biggest differences between Huck and I is not the clothing we wear, or the education either of us have received, but the simple fact that Huck thought twice about turning in Jim; while my opinion toward slavery is so strong and I can’t understand how people were okay with it, and still capable of thinking what they did was good. I thoroughly hat the way many people were treated in general during this time, simply because their skin color was not that of the people in their region. Although Huck and I have many differences, big and small, we still have many similarities. From our opinion towards others, (such as the hypocrite, Widow Douglas) to our ability to procrastinate and feel care free. But, Huck is not the materialistic type of person while I love listening to music, whether it is played by me on the guitar, piano, or the drums; or if it is played by some famous artist. I could never take Huck’s place. Huck is the type of person to think for long periods of times to himself, and I spend many nights arguing subjects with myself or contemplating the many things I’ll need to do when I get home just as Huck questions going home to Miss Douglas, as he doesn’t enjoy the many restrictions he is forced to uphold
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