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In leadership literature leaders are generally defined as “. . . individuals who significantly influence the thoughts, behaviors, and/or feelings of others” (Gardner and Laskin, 1995, p. 6). The primary focus, then, is on an individual who will direct or influence a group of followers. But in a global multicultural economy where interaction is between managers from various cultures and perspectives, this leader–follower model may be outdated. Global leadership might better be thought of as “a process by which [diverse groups of people] is empowered to work together synergistically toward a common vision and common goals...” (Astin and Leland, 1991, p. 8, quoted in Adler, 1997, p. 174). In this model, leadership is an interactive, dynamic, and mutually…show more content…
My scores are really no surprise. I am a little more introverted. I don’t mingle with people too much nor do I try to be the centre of attention in a party. However I am friendly and caring to most of the people I will meet even in my daily life. While I can be assertive and I do enjoy working with others, I still function best on my own. I am more interested in doing what needs to be done rather than on winning a popularity contest. I scored moderately on conscientious. Being introverted I am not always perceived rightly by people. People really have to know me well to understand whether I am persistent or not. Certainly I don’t want to let others down who are depending on me. I am responsible and dependable. Reasonably secured and stable. However life circumstances may cause me to be emotionally unstable and causes me to feel a lack of self confidence and self assurance which is evident from my scores. Until you have a firm belief on yourself it is difficult to be a successful leader. I am open to experience. Applying these changes to my leadership behaviour I intend to establish myself as a meaningful identity in an

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