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From an early age, I have been able to learn the qualities that characterize leaders, entrepreneurs and successful people. I have been able to see how patience, perseverance, integrity, courage, leadership and the capacity for vision and decision become gradually shaped in the personality of one who starts out as a simple "creative" or "dreamer" and ends up as a leader from a country, a company or a group. The key is in the effort to achieve the proposed goal. While I was at school and University, I was always attracted to being the leader of the project teams. Also my classmates used to select me as the leader of the group before starting a new assignment. One of the skills that I have developed and which I considered is one of the reasons…show more content…
During my work experience, I have been able to put in practice all these skills while adding a few more. One of the mottos that I have kept in my mind as a leader is to "never settle". Whenever I can help someone from my work even is he/she belongs to another department, I do it. The more we learn, the better. A complete leader must know about everything, so I always seek to develop in other areas in my work. Thanks to that, I have been able to work in several departments. But this isn’t the only thing that leads us to success as leaders. A vital thing is to have constancy and to hard work. I am proud to say that something that I have always forged and for what I am known in both the academic and the labour field is my responsibility and commitment. I have always been able to enjoy spending evenings studying or doing projects to achieve satisfactory…show more content…
This is why a leader must also be a "doer" and act. Being this way, the ideas and dreams that we have, we must turn them into goals and projects in which we must work every day of our life. No one ever achieved anything extraordinary, doing the same thing as everyone else. That is why the world and specifically my country needs to put its future in the hands of entrepreneurs, professionals capable of developing ideas that promote the growth of our economy, of internationalization and of breaking down barriers. We do this with the creativity we have leaders thinking 'out of the

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